„A healthy life is only possible on a healthy planet”

– Stefan Feltens – CEO

As one of the leading online pharmacies in Europe, we care deeply about the health of our customers. Our mission is to help everyone live the healthiest life possible. Of course, this is only possible on an equally healthy planet. That's why we take responsibility – for a healthy world, for our customers, and of course for our employees.

Introducing: Our NET ZERO 2040 strategy.


Firmly committed to 1.5° degrees as part of the Paris Agreement.

The company has been climate neutral since autumn 2020 by offsetting carbon emissions in Scope 1 and 2, including emissions in logistics, packaging, employee travel, marketing and IT. Now, SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE is taking the next step and publicly committing to bringing emissions along the entire value chain – including product emissions – to net zero by 2040. The company is setting a minimum target for CO2 reduction within a certain timeframe as well as the step-by-step refinement of climate protection projects that recapture CO2 from the atmosphere and bind it in the long term.

Our net zero approach.

Net zero means that emissions are reduced to a minimum at a certain point in time and the remaining emissions are pulled back from the atmosphere and permanently bound. We as SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE are firmly committed to meeting the 1.5°C target as we move toward Net Zero 2040. In doing so, we are helped by right.'s XDC methodology, which we use to manage our science-based target and ensure that our emissions budget is not exceeded. In this way, we ensure we act in accordance to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Reducing emissions.

80% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025.

While initial Scope 3 reduction initiatives have already been launched, efforts going forward will be equally focused on the upstream supply chain and expanding CO2 reductions at suppliers. To work out what this might look like at the product level, we are working on a cross-company pilot project with one of the largest suppliers and the provider of automated carbon software. This program is about measuring, monitoring and reducing the ecological footprint; in a so-called life cycle assessment, the emissions of an OTC product are exemplarily calculated along the entire production chain, including use, disposal and end-of-life.

Offsetting emissions.

100% renewable electricity by 2023.

The transition of the logistics sites to 100% renewable energy shows that we are likely to achieve the targets we set for 2025 as early as 2023. The online pharmacy has achieved an 80% reduction in direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 and 2) compared to 2020.